Back To Bliss is a center for wellness. We combine spirituality, holistic health, natural beauty, and daily living strategies to inspire the heart and rejuvenate the body.

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Congratulations to Jessica Hopperdietzel on her promotion to Senior Stylist! Jessica has been an amazing stylist but also has been our salon trainer for the past year. When you see her around Back To Bliss in Colby tell her congrats.
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Reiki Training
Coming in September we are excited to have Amy Wilinski from Golden Light Healing back with us for a whole weekend of Reiki Training. We will be offering Level 1,2 and Reiki Master at our Retreat Center in Marshfield.
You may ask who is this course for? The answer is Anyone! Health care professionals can easily incorporate Reiki into conventional settings; teachers comment on how it helps calm children; parents love it for helping with common childhood bumps, bruises and more. Reiki also provides a self-treatment component that is very effective and powerful! It is a wonderful gift to offer to yourself for self-healing. (from Golden Light Healing website)
If you are interested in any of these classes please read over the flyer
Reiki Flyer

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Zumba is Back
We are excited to announce that we will be offering Zumba once again at Back To Bliss Colby and Back To Bliss Retreat Center (RC) in Marshfield. Here is a great quote from one of our Zumba students: "Had a blast at Zumba tonight! Courtney was awesome!!!" Click on our classes tab to see offered dates and times.
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Date Night
Enjoy a private 90 minute class on how to massage your partner with our Master Level massage therapist, Josiah. He will show you tips and tricks to give each other a great massage that will help increase intimacy and connection between you. Learn how to use your hands to avoid getting tired and how to read your partner to give a great massage. For just $60 the two of you can each get a massage and learn on this lovely date night class. Private class available at both locations throughout the week, call for times.
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