Back To Bliss is a center for wellness. We combine spirituality, holistic health, natural beauty, and daily living strategies to inspire the heart and rejuvenate the body.

Here you will find:
Inspiration, Empowerment, Education, Compassion, and Wellness.


Online Appointment Booking
Many of you use our web link to request appointments. By November 1st we will have switched all of the links over to our new system. Our new system has fully integrated online booking where you can book your appointments for all three locations and sign up for classes.

Please discontinue using any link from the DemandForce system. We no longer can see your requests or your replies. Booker is the name of our new system. You can create a personal Username to log in and see your appointment details at any time with it.

IF you have any questions while using it or if there seem to be errors in the appointment book for price, times, or any other issue, please call or email us with your concerns or notes. Our online booking system will be a much welcomed addition to Back To Bliss, but like all systems it needs to be trained.

Thanks for your patience as we grow and change. We know you will like the end results! ~Josiah Groth - Owner

Staff Changes
As always in our industry, people are shifting...

Courtney Thompsen has accepted a position as Assistant Manager at Maurices. She is happy to challenge herself with new responsibilities, but sad to leave behind all of the wonderful relationships she has made with her clients over the last year at Back To Bliss. Courtney can still be seen evenings at both Colby and McMillan where she teaches weekly Zumba classes.

Elizabeth Cruz has stepped in to fill Courtney's position as stylist. Elizabeth comes with two years of experience in the hair industry. In just three short weeks she is almost fully trained in all services at Back To Bliss. Her hair cutting skills are top notch and she is ready to color! Elizabeth brings new techniques, current styles, a young and fresh personality to our salon. Elizabeth is also speaks fluent Spanish, making her a wonderful new asset to our Mexican and Latino communities. Elizabeth will be working Wednesdays and has plenty of openings for our Men's Cut $12 Wednesday Special.

Congratulations to Carrie Schug on her promotion to Senior Therapist! Carrie has been mastering her art for over 15 years. She loves Reiki, Cranio-Sacral and just overall helping people. When you see her around Back To Bliss Colby or Marshfield tell her congrats.
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October Yoga & Fitness Starts Next Week
This session Josiah, Monica, Emily, Courtney, Crystal, Carrie, and Linda Rachu will all be on the schedule teaching classes! Sign up today to reserve your spot. Classes begin next week.
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Technology Upgrades
Technology changes have been made across the board at Back To Bliss. Those of you who have been in our stores this month have noticed our new front desk software system. Our new software comes loaded with many new functions that we have been missing. It will include better class checkout, online booking, eCommerce, and online gift certificate sales. All of these features will be launched later this fall along with a new website. Our website will be much easier to navigate, have easy links to your online account, and will include many new features that will enhance our educational mission.

Because we are changing our deep technology systems, we will gain and lose some functionality. What this means for us is that some of our policies and ways of communicating with you will change. We will announce these changes as they are rolled out.

Date Night
Enjoy a private 90 minute class on how to massage your partner with our Master Level massage therapist, Josiah. He will show you tips and tricks to give each other a great massage that will help increase intimacy and connection between you. Learn how to use your hands to avoid getting tired and how to read your partner to give a great massage. For just $60 the two of you can each get a massage and learn on this lovely date night class. Private class available at both locations throughout the week, call for times.
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